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The DeKalb Master Gardener Association is just that — an  association of about 40 Master Gardeners and friends in DeKalb County, Georgia.  The organization was formed to foster more extensive educational, community service, and social events for interested Master Gardeners. 

DMGA is classified as a "Master Gardener volunteer organization outside the UGA university structure" and receives no support or public funds through the Cooperative Extension Service.  For information about the DeKalb County Cooperative Extension Service, please visit the following website:




DMGA Scholarship Recipients

Since 2006, DeKalb Master Gardener Association (DMGA) has been presenting scholarships to area college students to promote and encourage education in horticulture.  The amount of financial assistance that DMGA has provided to date totals $21,000.

The following is a list of our scholarship recipients.

2017-2018 school year

Sharon Herron, Gwinnett Tech, $500
Susan Storey, Gwinnett Tech, $500
Jill Baker-Lesperance, Gwinnett Tech, $500 (continuing scholarship)

2016-2017 school year

Katherine Angell, Gwinnett Tech, $500
Jill Baker, Gwinnett Tech, $500
Thomas Kmetz, Gwinnett Tech, $500 (continuing scholarship)
Alexander Jarrad, Gwinnett Tech, $500
Thomas Kmetz, Gwinnett Tech, $500
Taryn Phillips, Gwinnett Tech, $500

2015-2016 school year

Jennifer Harridge, Gwinnett Tech, $500
Demetrius Milling , Gwinnett Tech, $500
Tracy Lee Sewell, Gwinnett Tech, $500 (continuing scholarship)
Noreen Crowley, Gwinnett Tech, $500
Robert Davis, Gwinnett Tech, $500
Jennifer Walker, Gwinnett Tech, $500

2014-2015 school year

Kevin Masse, Gwinnett Tech, $500
Jeremy OHearn , Gwinnett Tech, $500
Kathy Ponce de Leon, Gwinnett Tech, $500

2013-2014 school year

Jesi Noreault, Gwinnett Tech, $500
Tracy McKinnon, Gwinnett Tech, $500

2012-2013 school year

Tammie Coggin, Gwinnett Tech, $500
Malcolm Moses, Gwinnett Tech, $500

2011-2012 school year

Andrea McMullin, Gwinnett Tech, $500
Jamari Linder, Gwinnett Tech, $500
Georgia Master Gardeners Scholarship Fund, $500

2010-2011 school year

Nathan Wilson, UGA, $1000
Candler Woods, UGA, $1000
Glyana Shine, Gwinnett Tech, $500
Tony Gobert, Gwinnett Tech, $500

2009-2010 school year
Kate Cassidy, UGA. $1000
Catherine Buckley, Gwinnett Tech, $500

2008-2009 school year

Clifford Brock, UGA, $1000
Christopher Rigole,Gwinnett Tech, $500

2007-2008 school year

Sean Bloszies, UGA, $1000
Marjorie Poole, Gwinnett Tech, $500

2006-2007 school year
Lara Jackson, UGA, $1000

DMGA members are honored to have assisted in the education of the next generation of horticulture professionals.




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