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The DeKalb Master Gardener Association is just that — an  association of about 40 Master Gardeners and friends in DeKalb County, Georgia.  The organization was formed to foster more extensive educational, community service, and social events for interested Master Gardeners. 

DMGA is classified as a "Master Gardener volunteer organization outside the UGA university structure" and receives no support or public funds through the Cooperative Extension Service.  For information about the DeKalb County Cooperative Extension Service, please visit the following website:




Meetings and Speakers

The DeKalb Master Gardener Association meets on the fourth Monday of the month, except in those months when other membership activities are scheduled.  The November meeting is an annual gathering at which time officers are elected for the coming year.  In the months of January, February, March, August, September and October, we have educational meetings featuring gardening-related speakers.  These educational meetings are open to the public.  Informative speakers are sponsored by DMGA at no charge to interested gardeners in the community.  Our usual meeting location is the Northlake - Barbara Loar Branch of the DeKalb County Public Library at 3772 LaVista Rd., Tucker, GA  30084.

Speakers and Topics at Past Meetings

Trecia Neal - A Vermicomposting Workshop

Reggie Ramos - Market Gardening Using Other People's Yards
Cyndi McGill - Diagnosing Common Garden Problems
Mike Fillon - Cultivating Food Nature's Way
Sabirah and Eli - Earth Tomorrow
Tom Branch - Frazier-Rowe Park: Hidden Treasure
Trecia Neal - Monarch Butterflies

Georgeann Schmalz - Ornithophily
Audience participation - Gardening Tips & Tools
Arty Schronce - A Garden for All Seasons
Richard Osterholz - Growing Tomatoes
Art Simon - Dunwoody Community Garden & Orchard
Jim Spotts - Improving Soil by Composting

Lisa Bartlett - Smith-Gilbert: The Metamorphosis of a Garden
Betsy Abrams - The "Weediorologist's" Guide to Weeds
Jennifer Leavy - Balancing risks: Chemical control of mosquitoes vs. bees
Jim Harrington - Teaching Plants to Live on Less Water
Arty Schronce - Georgia Garden Plants:  The Overused, Underused, Misused and Abused

Mike Fillon - Growing Fruit in Georgia
Mickey Gazaway - Get Ready for Fall
Linda Karr - The Children's Garden:  Creating an Oasis in an Alleyway
Lori Prosser - From Cottages to Castles
Susan Varlamoff - Sustainable Gardening in the Southeast

Betsy Abrams - Weather or Not to Garden
Sara Henderson - Heirloom Flowers:  Passing the Test of Time
Ruby Bock - All About Woodlands Garden
Tony Gobert - Square Foot Gardening
Jim Pruckler - Camellias
Tim Martin - Fifty Shades of Green (Garden Design Principles and Tips)

Leah Pine - Growing Beauty and Health in Your Garden with Native Grasses
Aubrey Daniels - Fruit Everywhere:  Atlanta's Hidden Abundance
Cindy Hodges - Honey Bees:  Why We Should Care!
Erica Glasener - Designing a Four-Season Garden
Mickey Gazaway - Getting Ready for Spring
Tracy Minjauw - Herbs

Duane Marcus - The Magic of Mushrooms
Arty Schronce - Planting for Autumn Beauty
Humberto (Beto) Dutra - Sustainability, Gardening and Everything in Between
"Farmer Jeff" Collins - Edibles in the Perennial Garden
Joe Washington - Outdoor Living Spaces on a Budget
Jack Driskell - A Winter Day in My Garden

Becky Blades - Gardening with Children
Debbie Cosgrove - Medicinal Herbs:  Dr. Durham's Receipts
Linda Copeland - Legends in the Garden
Barbara Dorfman - Douglas Tallamy presentation - Bringing Nature Home
Carolyn Hawkins - Let's Grow Daffodils
Billy Skaggs - The "Georgia Grown" Program

Mary Donovan - Redesign, Rethink Your Garden  (gardening for seniors)
Flo Chaffin - Shady Character—How to Add Real Character and Wow to your Urban Shade Garden (Conifers for the Southeast) 
Karen Lindauer - Flowers and Foliages for a Fabulous Fall
Ernest Koone - Native Azaleas
Georgann Schmalz - The Way to a Bird's Heart Is through its Stomach
Norm Mittleider - Pruning—An Aesthetic Approach 

Jane McLean - Gardening Anywhere:  How to "Plant" a Chair
Jessica Groleau - Tips for Growing the Landscape and
               in Containers
Stan Leacock - Roses at Their Best:  Basic Rose Care
Tiffanny Jones & Scott McMahan - Gardening on the Other Side
Flo Chaffin - Rock Gardens
Lindy Broder - Clematis

Hilary Nichols - Sound in the Garden
Eleanor Craig - Ferns
Dawn Hines - Attracting Butterflies:  What, Where, and How to Garden
Scott McMahan - Modern Day Plant Exploration in China and Vietnam
George Allin - Landscaping a Slope

Lisa Bartlett - Contain Yourself:  Tips & Tricks of the Gardening Trade
John Lipscomb - Daffodils
Kenneth Duke - Irises
Judith Winfrey & Daniel Parson - Organic Growing
Damon Johnson - Stormwater Pollution / Litter Control / Recycling:
               What You Can Do
India Shahid - DeKalb County Tree Protection Ordinance

Brooks Garcia - Behind the Scenes at the Chelsea Flower Show
Sara Henderson - Growing Sun Perennials in Less Than Full Sun
John Kreiner - Amazing Dahlias!
Jim Rodgers - Collecting, Cleaning and Storing Native Seeds
Dawn Hines - Experiencing a Walter Reeves Garden Makeover

George Schmid - Shade Perennials
Chuck Zdeb - Judging Hosta Plants
Scott McMahan - New Picks for the Garden
Ozzie Johnson - Collecting Asian Plants in Asia
David Robinson - Water Gardening:  Anyone Can Do It
Carole Ashe Simpson - How to Grow Camellias
Claudia Walker - Hostas:  From Growing to Showing

Daryl Pulis (GMGA) - Landscape Design
Georganne Schmalz (Atlanta Audubon Society) - Birds' Nests
Elizabeth Dean - Out of the Ordinary and Into Your Garden
Mary Kay Woodworth - Water Conservation and Xeriscaping

Lisa Schrade (Skyland Trail) - Horticultural Therapy
Allan Armitage - Unusual Plants Show and Tell
Fred Conrad (Atlanta Food Bank) - Plant A Row Vegetable Gardening
Dr. George Sanko - Ferns and Perennials
Don Jacobs - Trilliums
Kathryn Gable - Native Plants for Wildlife

Jason Governs - Vermiculture
Jim Foote & Chris Pane (Arborguard) - Condition of Atlanta Trees
Cindy Bee - Fostering Bee Population and Pollination
Katherine Moomaw (ABG) - Selecting Plants for Master Gardener
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